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Natural Liver Detox Basics
When you download this Natural Liver Detox Basics eBook you will received a 25-page pdf document describing "The all natural way to return your liver to optimal health to lose weight, have glowing skin, improve your immune system and increase your energy"
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Sale! Take the Pledge to Go Plant-Based for 30 Days
Take the Pledge to Go Plant-Based for 30 Days
When you download this eBook you will receive a 23-page document in pdf format covering subjects like: What is a Plant-Based Diet? Types of Plant-Based Diets Your New Food Groups Choosing Your Approach Plant-Based Meal Ideas What to Expect 10 Tips for Successs ... Going plant-based doesn't have to be as difficult as it seems. NAME OF REPORT will teach you all about your new food groups, how to deal with common challenges, and different approaches to the diet to make it work for you.
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The Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean Diet
When you download this The Mediterranean Diet eBook you will receive a 34-page document in pdf format  covering the basic concepts & principles of this popular and efficient diet The Mediterranean Diet is one of the very best diets there is for anyone who wants to lose weight in a way that’s healthy, fun and sustainable. This is a diet that’s all about treating food with respect and all about getting natural ingredients in a way that you can actually enjoy.  
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