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Take the Pledge to Go Plant-Based for 30 Days

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When you download this eBook you will receive a 23-page document in pdf format covering subjects like:

What is a Plant-Based Diet?
Types of Plant-Based Diets
Your New Food Groups
Choosing Your Approach
Plant-Based Meal Ideas
What to Expect
10 Tips for Successs …

Going plant-based doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. NAME OF REPORT will teach you all about your new food groups, how to deal with common challenges, and different approaches to the diet to make it work for you.



When you download this eBook you will receive a 23-page document in pdf format

Preservatives, trans fats, refined sugar, sodium, MSG and other harmful
ingredients are found in most processed foods. This leads to a much higher rate
of contracting diabetes, cancers, heart conditions, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and
other neurological disorders, and other serious health problems.

On the other hand, a plant-based diet has been directly linked to a longer,
healthier life. Your internal processes work properly, meaning your external body
looks and feels strong and healthy. Your brain is sharper than if you ate fast foods
and processed foods, and you drastically reduce the risk of developing all of the
dangerous health conditions listed above.

Still, you wonder if you will be trading in flavorful, delicious foods for flavorless
alternatives that you feel like you are eating because you HAVE to, and not
because you WANT to. The good news is this – eating a healthy, plant-based diet
does not mean missing out on the foods, the flavors and textures that you love.
Simply swap out the following healthy, plant-based ingredients and food products
for their less healthier counterparts you are currently enjoying, and your health
gets a boost without your taste buds becoming upset.


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